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Shamrock Materials offers a wide range of Mirafi fabrics and geotextiles for filtration and erosion control, soil reinforcement, and roadway stabilization. These fabrics are cost-effective elements, which improve and enhance modern construction techniques in a variety of civil engineering applications.

Sedimentation Control

Mirafi Silt Fence - Prefabricated Silt Fence Structures for Sedimentation Control. Mirafi Silt Fence structures, specially developed fabrics on supporting posts, are designed for efficient control of sediment run-off from construction sites. This sediment, left unchecked, can clog and pollute native waterways and damage natural areas. Controlling the run-off (an increasing environmental concern) is advantageous to owners, contractors and engineers who face the economic costs associated with sediment loss. Installed correctly in the field, the sedimentation control fabric in silt fence structures functions as a filter and a run-off flow velocity check. The fabric traps fine-grained sediment while storm water run-off may pass through the fabric at a moderate rate.

Site Drainage

Mirafi N-Series Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles - for Soil Separation, Filtration, and Protection. Mirafi N-Series products are nonwoven geotextiles comprised of polypropylene staple fibers. N-Series Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles provide excellent physical and hydraulic properties in addition to high tensile strengths.

Mirafi 140N/140NC/140NL Nonwoven Subsurface Drainage Geotextiles. Good drainage is essential for soil stability. In order for drainage structures to be effective along highways, within embankments, under airfields and athletic fields. Or anywhere subsurface drains are required; they must have a properly designed protective filter. Mirafi 140N/140NC/140NL nonwoven geotextiles provide a cost-effective alternative to graded-aggregate filters.

Mirascape Landscape Fabric for Weed Control, Separation and Drainage. Mirascape is the flexible, durable, highly permeable landscape fabric specifically designed to meet the needs of landscape professionals by serving these functions:

Weed Barrier
Mirascape inhibits existing weed growth
Suppresses new weed growth
Reduces necessity for chemical herbicide applications
Mirascape divides and separates dry and damp soils
Prevents undesired mixing of mulches with subsoils.
Supports mulch over soft soils
Mirascape permits passage of air and liquids
Prevents soil particle accumulation in French drains
Functions as a separator/filter to stop soil from escaping through joints in retaining walls made from railroad ties, treated lumber, or mortarless brick and stone.

Soil Reinforcement

Miragrid XT geogrids for Soil Reinforcement. Miragrid geogrids are used in a wide variety of soil reinforcement applications including internally reinforced soil walls, segmental retaining wall reinforcement, steep reinforced slopes, and reinforcement in a variety of landfill applications including potential voids bridging and veneer stability. Applications where long-term design strength is necessary for the stability of the structure are ideal applications where Miragrid geogrids can be used.

Roadway Construction & Repair

Mirafi Filterweave Woven Geotextiles for Erosion Control and Filtration. Mirafi Filterweave Geotextiles are designed for long-term performance in problematic soil or site conditions to ensure clogging resistance and soil retention in erosion control and subsurface drainage applications.

Mirafi Miratak Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane. Miratak self-adhering waterproofing membrane is used in conjunction with repaving or overlay applications. Miratak is designed specifically as a moisture barrier for application on existing roadways and airport runways and taxiways to prevent water permeation or penetration through pavement surfaces and the subsequent damage that excess moisture causes in the roadway subbase.

Mirafi Mirapave Nonwoven Asphalt Overlay Fabric. When placed with a suitable tack coat between the existing pavement and the asphalt overlay Mirafi Mirapave helps extend pavement life by:

Providing a waterproof barrier for subgrade foundation soil protection. Improving the fatigue resistance of the new overlay to traffic loads by providing a stress-relieving interface.
Retarding the propagation of an existing crack through the new overlay (reflective cracking).
Extending the useful life of the overlay.
Strengthening the entire pavement system.

Erosion Control

Mirafi Engineered Filtration Geotextiles for Erosion Control and Filtration. Mirafi Engineered Filtration Geotextiles are designed for long-term performance in problematic soil of site conditions to ensure clogging resistance and soil retention in erosion control and subsurface drainage applications. Typical applications include:

Underneath rip rap or concrete revetment systems along inland waterways and coastal shorelines.
Underneath armor systems, protecting spillways and embankment dams from overtopping flow.
Encapsulating cut-off-drains and collection systems surrounding landfills, within dams, and adjacent to roadways and other critical structures.
Encapsulating leachate collection systems under land fills while maintaining long-term clogging resistance.
Encapsulating edge drains for critical structures in problematic soils.

Miramat TM8 Geosynthetic Erosion Control Mat for Bare Soil Retention, Revegetation and Turf Reinforcement. Miramat TM's flexible three-dimensional structure is composes of monofilament yarns tufted into an open woven fabric. Miramat TM8 is thick (0.5"), highly porous, and very flexible, all of which enhance the mat's ability to nurture vegetative growth. This unique construction produces a strong mat, which is used in conjunction with topsoil and seed to create strong, durable, and continuous soil/root mat matrices, and providing erosion protection, greatly enhancing the water flow resistance of vegetation.